Develop and implement regularly scheduled education and networking programs. Educational programs include ACHE approved Face-to-Face Programs, ACHE approved distance programs, and other programs the Chapter chooses to offer. • Ensure the chapter offers a minimum of 12 hours of Face-to-Face education.

Committee activities include:

Select, invite and follow up with speakers / Faculty to ensure their participation.

Identify venues and required products and services for events, and follow through on all of the obligations /contracts made venues or vendors.

Promote events.

Coordinate education needs survey of chapter and program evaluations as required by ACHE. Report events to ACHE and maintain records of events for chapter records.

Collaborate with other organizations to offer joint programs

Coordinate activities with Diversity and Inclusion and Membership Committees.


The Membership Committee develops and implements member recruitment and retention activities, sets annual membership goals and evaluates member satisfaction.

Committee activities include:

Promotes the chapter and ACHE to area healthcare executives

Promote and market ACHE membership among nonmembers throughout the chapter’s geographic area.

Monitor and report member attraction and retention data and chapter performance to ACHE objectives,national performance, and award level values.

Monitor the Chapter “Dashboard Report”, implementing actions to achieve related goals      Promote the FACHE credential to chapter members. 

Support members in the fellow credentialing process.

Coordinate with Diversity & Inclusion and other committees as needed. 

EARLY CAREERISTS COMMITTEE develops strategies and activities to engage early careerists. The scope includes networking, building a professional presence, mentoring, education, resume skills, volunteer activities, guidance to the ACHE National Early Careerist resources, guidance to employment resources, and developing relationships with HEN schools.

SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE identifies and securing corporate financial sponsorships for AHE and its activities. Developing and maintaining relationships with organizations to secure financial support and to enhance those organizations’ brand visibility within AHE will be essential to the Committee’s success.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH COMMITTEE plans and manages community / civic activities in which members may participate as volunteers.  Activities may include participation in charitable organizations, religious organizations, school boards, community boards or other related activities. These activities can be one-time events or short-term commitments.

Community Outreach Events


AHE embraces diversity within the healthcare management field and recognizes that priority as both an ethical and business imperative. AHE also values and actively promotes diversity in its leaders, members, and staff because diverse participation can serve as a catalyst for improved decision making, increased productivity, and a competitive advantage. Further, AHE works to foster an inclusive environment that recognizes the contributions and supports the advancement of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability because an inclusive environment can enhance the quality of healthcare, improve hospital/community relations, and positively affect the health status of society.

The Committee on Diversity develops activities designed to promote the ACHE  Policy Statements

•"Increasing and Sustaining Racial/Ethnic Diversity in Healthcare Management"

•"Considering the Value of Older, Experienced Healthcare Executives"

•"Strengthening Healthcare Employment Opportunities for Persons With Disabilities"

•"The Healthcare Executive's Role in Fostering Inclusion of LGBT Patients and Employees".

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE consists of the Executive Committee, and any Regent of ACHE who is a Chapter member shall be an ex-officio voting member. The AHE Past President  serves as the Committee Chair. The Committee is responsible for recommending the next year’s slate of officers to be voted on by the membership, per Article IV Governance, Section 3 Election and Tenure of the AHE Bylaws. The Committee reviews the slate of officers received by the President. Nominees will submit to the Committee their desires and credentials for the selected office and the Committee will select the candidate they feel is most qualified for each position.

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