ACHE Recognition Program

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Recognition Program celebrates affiliates’ commitment to the healthcare management profession. Recognition is bestowed at three levels based on a range of specific volunteer activities that demonstrate leadership and contributions to furthering professional excellence.

All active ACHE affiliates are eligible to be recognized. The ACHE Recognition Program is based on points accrued through volunteer activities performed in a convocation year (April–March). Points begin to accrue for affiliates beginning with the 2003–2004 convocation year and are cumulative from year to year. An affiliate does not need to achieve a set number of points in a single year, but rather points will build over time. In that manner, affiliates have the opportunity to progress through the three award levels.

The three award levels are: Exemplary Service Award = 125 points Distinguished Service Award = 75 points Service Award = 30 points Of the 40,000 members of ACHE membership, approximately 1,000 members have received at least one service award. In comparison, there are 1600+ members in the Healthcare Leaders of New York (HLNY), 55 members received 1-star/Service award, 10 members received 2-stars/Distinguished award and 4 members received 3-stars/Exemplary Service award.

Distinguished Service Award:


     Kellie McClure, FACHE

     Laura Robertson, FACHE , ACHE Board of Governors

Service Award: 2018

      Peggy Altamura, FACHE , AHE President

      Lisa Betancourt, MBA, AHE Secretary

      Carrie DeKorte, FACHE

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